Welcome to Frydays

Frydays is the perfect business opportunity for the motivated entrepreneurial-minded individual, the individual that is looking for a quick service outlet that generates great profits and is easy to operate!

Our Philosophy is simple, firstly, we search for the right Owner/Operator, secondly, we find the right location. Assisting every step of the way in building a great and profitable outlet ensuring that each Operator is set up for success.

We have a wealth of experience to offer out franchisees. Our focus on attention to detail and the high quality standards that we maintain ensure that Frydays will continue to grow as a successful brand - a truly South Africa Brand.

Our Mission:

Our Vision:


After the recession of 2010 the realization of Frydays began: People no longer had money to squander. The demand for real value for YOUR money had begun.

After years of successful value for money restauranteering for the middle to upper income market, a decision was made to focus on the lower income market as this appeared to be the most exploited and untapped part of the population. The ignorance to the needs of this segment of the market was frightening and the fact that every cent counted was important and led to the opening of the first Frydays in Bellville. The queues were instantaneous and have since then never subsided. Day after day throughout the month it continued to confirm our vision. All savings were passed down to the consumer and they were loving it!

Eight months later, the second Frydays opened in Wynberg and the result was the same. The queues began again and we knew this is exactly what the people wanted. The extra rand in their pockets was making a difference in their lives with no drop in quality or portion size.

To date we have opened twelve outlets in the Western Cape with the demand still growing rapidly.  A product of this quality, size and taste is previously unseen in Africa! 

This product has the ability to change the footfall patterns making a takeaway now a key tenant. All because the customer for the first time ever, is offered ALWAYS A GREAT DEAL MORE for their money.

Frydays has established a successful presence in the food and beverage service industry in a very short time. Frydays, is a true South African Brand!